Originally founded in 1992 as Open Door at Christmas, we gradually expanded and developed our work, taking the new name of Cheltenham Open Door and becoming both a registered charity and limited company.  We have been operating from our Grosvenor Street base since 1998.

guest 2Cheltenham Open Door supports vunerable, disadvantaged and lonely people. We are working to relieve poverty, hardship and social or emotional distress.

Our guests are men and women who have been deprived of the comforts and security most of us take for granted and we offer them hospitality, warmth, food and somewhere to relax.

Some lost jobs through injury or sickness and are not fit to work again.  Some read and write only with great difficulty.   Some are coping with mental health issues.  Some are in a programme to try to get off alcohol or drugs.  Most come from broken homes, were in care as children or have experienced broken relationships.  Some are sleeping rough or are among the hidden homeless in a temporary hostel or sleeping on a friends floor. 

We do not judge and we make no charge for any of our services.