I’ve seen someone homeless

Have you seen someone homeless who you think might need help?

If you are concerned about someone over 18* that you have seen sleeping rough in England or Wales, you can get in touch with Streetlink to connect them with help. This service is available country-wide.

Even if you don’t speak to the person you see, you can give StreetLink details such as time, location and description. StreetLink passes these details to local outreach who then visit them and connect them to the right support in their area.

On the StreetLink website you can submit details of someone sleeping rough, or you can download their app (Android here or iPhone here) to send details.

Guests who come to Open Door and need help with housing are referred to Cheltenham’s local outreach team. This is the same team that will be contacted by StreetLink if you make a report. When Open Door is closed, StreetLink is usually the quickest way to connect someone with help.

Members of the public should be mindful of their safety when approaching anyone they don’t know. However, if you should see anyone in Cheltenham or the surrounding areas who you might think need our services, and you wish to approach them, please let them know about our services and opening times.

Anyone is welcome to join us, without referral or ID. We do not ask intrusive questions but are happy to help with any issues guests raise with us.

Thank you for taking the time to help someone who needs it.

*If you believe that the person is under 18, you should call the police.