Public access defibrillator campaign launches

Public-access defibrillators play a role in saving lives. According to the British Heart Foundation, for every minute it takes for the defibrillator to reach someone in the event of a heart attack, their chances of survival lower.

Public Hearts Cheltenham has launched a fundraiser to purchase a public-access defibrillator and external cabinet at our Guest Centre on Alstone Lane. The equipment can help anyone in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Originally knowns as Cheltenham Defibrillator Campaign, Public Hearts was co-founded by Clare Seed, Director of Tidal Training Direct and cardiac arrest survivor Chris Hickey. The duo raise awareness as well as the numbers of lifesaving defibrillators in Cheltenham.

The Open Door defibrillator will be the latest Public Hearts campaign. To date, Public Hearts has placed 20 defibrillators in the Cheltenham community and is supporting businesses to make their defibrillators accessible to the public.

How to donate to the campaign

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